Devil May Cry – Shinobi – God Hand – Ninja Gaiden 2 – Astral Chain


Character Maneuvering / World Interaction


How to jump. Three buttons going around in a circle except the inner button. Can you jump?

Combat System

What does it mean to hit things?

Scenario Design / Momentum / Stage Layout

Leave off at any point.

Order / Spacing / Replayability

What is cool.



1. Design considerations with videogames for children. – automated, -lite; input of Kirby’s Dream Course [SNES], AORH, NSMB

A young audience does not have time for, nor tolerate, pretentious exposition dumps.

2. Games are too violent. – Audience issue and Graphical Depiction issue:


  • Splatterhouse 2 [GEN] versus Splatterhouse (2016)

3. Cinematic use in action games. – Super Battle Tank [SNES] – Dino Crisis [PS1] – Ninja Gaiden [NES]


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